Thursday, 5 September 2019

Taking Care Of You. Taking Care of Your BBQ.

For those of you who are summer barbecuers it is getting close to the time when you reluctantly put the grill away. 

For health reasons and for the longevity of your BBQ we suggest that you don't just scrape off the racks and throw a cover over it.

Taking care of you

Cleaning your barbecue grills might not be as exciting as preparing delicious
bbq food, but keeping the grills clean is essential to ensuring your food tastes great 
as well as being safe to eat. 

When you put your barbecue into storage, it's worth bearing in mind that the longer you leave it to clean, the harder the job will be and the more germs will have developed. 

By the time you come to use it again next year, a dirty barbecue could prove to be a potential health hazard.
If you are going to tackle the clean yourself we recommend that you scrape 
the racks off on both sides and empty the cavity of all debris. 

Don't forget the grease trap!

Taking care of your BBQ

Leaving food, grease and carbon on the BBQ is guaranteed to shorten its lifespan. 

Carbon will eat through all metals causing your racks, cavity and burners to rust.  

We have seen many beautiful barbecues destroyed too quickly because the owner brushed over the racks but never looked at what was below.

Did you have lots of flare ups during your summer grilling? Maybe it is time to replace some parts.

Removing all the debris from inside the cavity will also let you see the condition of the burners.

So, for your health, and the health of your BBQ, a thorough annual cleaning is the way to go.

If you don't want to take on the job yourself, give us a call.  

We will clean all the racks, cavity, side burners, storage area and outside surfaces of your unit with no mess, no fuss, no bother.

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Are all ovens pretty much the same?

A client asked " Are all ovens pretty much the same?"

He was surprised when he got a very emphatic "NO!" from David and I at the same time.

There are days when we think no two ovens are EVER the same.

We clean ovens and ranges from 

almost 20 different manufacturers.

And even within the same maker 

there can be lots of variations.



Dual fuel?

One door or two?

Wall mounted or free standing?

And the variations continue inside:

Any side supporting racks?

Any ball bearing racks?

Does it have a Convection Fan?

Or a Warming Drawer?

Stove Tops bring even more confusion!!

Electric - Ceramic, Coil or Induction?

Gas - 4, 5 , 6 or more burners? 

Does it have a griddle?

Are the pot racks cast or enamel?

Is there a down draft extractor?

What about the outside finish: Stainless Steel, Glass, Enamel?

The options are endless but Ovenclean London has the experience, product and process to tackle them all.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

40 years of rental and this was her landlord's response!

We were recently called in by a senior citizen to clean the oven in her rental apartment.

She had rented the same unit for over 40 years but was having difficulties cleaning her oven.

When she contacted her landlord asking for help he gave her his tools and equipment and told her to clean it herself.

This is what he gave her.

A can of toxic materials and a BBQ cleaning brush!! 

She attempted to clean the door but when it wasn't making any impression she gave us a call.

We arrived at a time that was convenient to her, quickly set up and with 90 minutes had the job done. 

No Mess. No Fumes No Toxins!

Here are our before and after pics.

She was one happy client but she was sure she wouldn't be around for another 40 years to repeat the process!

Ovenclean London
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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Do you want to split?

Do you want to split?

We ask that question regularly.

And we are not talking divorce!!

Often we get calls from clients who ask us to take their oven doors apart, clean the glass and get rid of all those nasty streaks and splashes.

The process starts with us asking for the make and model of the oven.

That lets us know how many panes of glass we will be dealing with.

Some ovens have only 2 panes but they can have up to 4 panes and that adds to the complexity and liability of dismantling and reassembling the door.

Taking the door apart is normally a simple process but we want to know that we can get it back together for you once it is cleaned.

We also recommend that clients wait until they see the results of our regular clean before deciding on a split.

A lot of our door split requests come from clients who have tried to self clean between the glass and have only made things worse.

We often see the results of baking powder solutions that have gone wrong.

So, if you want to split ,or to see if our standard clean is all you need, give us a call.

And if you want to split and are actually looking for a divorce lawyer we know one of those too!!

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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Some days you just don't know what's going to show up.

We showed up to clean a BBQ today.

"It's a Weber 6 burner" said the client when they made the appointment.

This is a 6 Burner Weber.

This is what the client actually had:

Different Make
Smaller Size
Less time to clean
Less Cost

The client was happy as they got a clean BBQ for less than they expected.

Same happened yesterday.

The client said " A Weber Genesis
4 Burner + a side"

But they actually had a 3 Burner Weber Spirit + a side.

Again, a smaller size, less cleaning time and  less cost.

However sometimes it goes the other way. 

This client said "I think it's 4 Burner"

When we get there it is a 6 Burner, with a smoker and a side.

Larger size

More time

More cost

Still a happy customer but just paying a bit more for his shining BBQ.

Ovenclean London
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Thursday, 18 July 2019

What's in a door split?

When clients want us to remove streaks and stains between the glass in their oven door we call that a Door Split.

It is not just a wipe and wash.

A Door Split is a time consuming process that can take us 90 minutes or more.

It is a deconstruction of the whole door, a thorough cleaning of all glass panes, followed by a reinstall of the panes and a reassembly of the door.

We start by removing the door from the oven and cleaning the inside and outside just as we would for a standard oven clean.

Sometimes this is all the door needs and the customer opts not to proceed with a full door split.

In this clean there were still some major spills and drip lines between the glass. (Picture 3) 

So, the customer wanted us to do the full split.

That means we removed the door front to work on the inner panes.

As you can see in the pictures the first internal pane is carefully removed and cleaned on both sides.

The second internal pane is then removed and gets the same treatment.

There can be up to 4 panes of glass in a door depending on the make and model of the oven.

We take time to inspect the panes to ensure that all removable marks are gone.

When all the panes are clean it is time to reinstall and put the door back together.

This is when David loves to say to the client

"Oh no!! I have parts left over!!"

Fingers crossed that hasn't happened yet!

Ovenclean London

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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Anyone for Pimms?

Well, it is Summer after all and it is the Wimbledon Fortnight.

What better time for some Pimms treats!

This recipe for Pimms Original calls for British Style Lemonade.

You can use 7Up, Sprite or sparkling mineral water instead.

On a really warm day what could be better than a Pimm's Slushie?

I haven't tried this yet but it may be on the menu for this weekend's  Wimbledon Final.

And if you want some snacks to go with all that Pimm's.....

How about Pimm's Scones?


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